Play Aces Software Features

Play Aces is raising the bar in the online poker world for overall experience. We use the latest in network technology to bring you fast, smooth and exciting poker action that is both safe and fair. Developed by poker players, you’ll find many features here at Play Aces that aren’t available in any of our competitors rooms including our Deal it Twice, Rabbit Hunting and Expose a Card features.

Time Bank

Need more time before making that tough laydown? Use the Time Bank by clicking on the button located just above the bet slider bar.

For tournament players, your time bank will appear once your allotted amount of time has almost run out. The time bank will pop up next to your player box displaying how many seconds you have. Click on it to activate it. Once you play your hand, any remaining time can be used towards the next time you wish to use the time bank.

For cash game players the same rules apply. However, you’ll accumulate time from previous hands that you made quick decisions in. That’s right, you’re able to bank that time saved for future use when you don't need the pressure from the ticking clock to make the right call.

Deal It Twice

Play Aces the Deal It Twice option will give two all-in players the option to deal the turn and river community cards two times. You’ve probably seen this done on TV in high stakes cash games where pros try to reduce their risk of losing a huge pot.

Deal It Twice will be entirely optional, and both players in a hand must agree to deal it twice. If one player doesn’t agree then the hand will play out as normal.

Deal It Twice Conditions:

  • Deal It Twice is only available on real money No-Limit Hold'em ring games.
  • Deal It Twice can only be chosen when exactly two players are all-in, with no other players active in the pot.
  • It is only offered as an option after two players have pushed all-in pre-flop or post-flop. Even if the players are in pre-flop, only the turn and river cards are dealt twice.
  • Deal It Twice will be available only on certain tables at specific stakes. Simply check your online poker client and browse our real money Texas Hold'em ring games to see which tables have Deal It Twice as an option.

Rabbit Hunting

You’ve won the hand but are left wondering what could have happened if the hand played out. At Play Aces wonder no more. After you win a hand click on the ‘Rabbit Hunt’ checkbox and the remaining flop/turn/river will be dealt out. The only catch, your hole cards will be shown to everyone else at the table. This option is only made available to the winner of the hand.

Expose a card

Keep your opponents guessing with this feature that allows you to expose one of both of your hole cards after you lay your hand down.

Some rooms allow you to show both your hole cards, but with us we go one further and allow you to show either both your cards, or just one card.

Say you had top pair but a weak kicker and you couldn't call a big bet you might show your high card to prove you weren't on a complete bluff. Conversely you might show your low card, to appear as if you were on a complete bluff. Either way showing only 1 card generally leaves your opponent asking more questions for which you gave answers with the card that you did show.

VIP Points

When you play at one of our cash game tables or in a real money tournament you’ll earn VIP points. You’ll then be able to use these VIP points towards merchandise in our Rewards store, tournament entries or cold hard cash. Click here for full details.

Multiple Windows

Play at more than one table at a time with our multiple window feature. You’ll be able to display up to 4 games in a 2 x 2 grid. You’ll find this option under Settings>Window>Preferences.

Player Accolades

Equivalent to a trophy, when you win a major tournament here at Play Aces you’ll receive a special accolade for that event. These accolades usually take the form of customized ribbons or trophies that will appear in your player box for everyone to see. Win a special event or a big tournament and you’ll receive a special accolade unique to the event you won.

You will also notice players are sporting stars in their player boxes. These stars are awarded for regular play. The more you play the more stars you’ll get.


When you’re at one of our tables, you can type all manner of words to activate cool little animations and emoticons. Try typing shark to see a fish come to life only to get eaten by a vicious shark. There are loads of emoticons hidden, and our design team are always sneaking in new ones. Try typing some of your favourite words and see if they come to life.

Try: Shark, Fish, Dance, Whosyourdaddy

Player Tag

Shark, whale or donkey? Keep notes on all of your opponents using our Player Tag feature. The more prepared you are against your fellow table mates the better off you’ll be.